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Welcome to E.D.G.E. Dog Grooming, an establishment whose priority it is to ensure your dog is groomed to the highest standard with patience and diligence whilst in a safe and caring environment.  Our aim is to give each individual dog a grooming experience that is both relaxing and enjoyable. To enable your dog to have this experience our policy is to have one dog on site at any one time, any overlap will be kept to the minimum ensuring that your dog will have our undivided attention at all times. With our unique one dog on site policy, we feel that dogs who are normally very nervous or have been through a previous bad grooming experience will benefit from a visit and familiarisation before booking for a groom.

E.D.G.E. is based on the borders of North East Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, providing convenient links for surrounding areas. E.D.G.E. was established and is run by me, Trish, in a purpose built grooming salon based in the village of Ranskill, Nottinghasmshire between Retford and Bawtry on the A638.

Having spent a number of years working for British Airways and latterly supporting children in schools, I decided to retrain and have a complete career change. I embarked on a City and Guild's level 3 dog grooming course run by one of the UK's best training centres. Having successfully completed the qualifications, E.D.G.E. was created.

If you would like to discuss any of your, or more specifically your dog's grooming requirements, please give E.D.G.E.  a call and I will be more than happy to help and advise you. Just click HERE to be taken to the contact details.



Our Services


Free consultation

A consultation is recommended for every dog before we groom him/her, this is to ensure that your dog is well and able to be groomed. The consultation is also to familiarise your dog with us and the salon and make him more comfortable in our environment. 

Bathing and drying

If your only requires a bath, drying and brush out that is not a problem. Your dog will leave E.D.G.E. positively gleaming and smelling fresh.


Shampoo and Conditioning

We stock all natural shampoos and conditioners while also offering specialist hypoallergenic versions, so that even the dog with sensitive skin can be bathed without irritation.


Ear and eye cleansing

Completed within the grooming session to make sure the eyes and ears are kept clean and in good condition.


Nails, pads and hygiene trimming

Nails are trimmed and the paw pads cleared of hair and mats The hygiene areas (bottom and underneath the tummy) are also trimmed during the grooming process.


Styling to Kennel club standards

We provide a range of styles from a simple trim to a full Kennel Club breed standard, more importantly your dog is trimmed to your specifications.


First Time . . . No Problem!

A first grooming session can be a nervous experience for dogs, they can react differently and a goodexperience is essential, especially for puppies. That is why here at E.D.G.E Grooming we are going to help you and your dog/puppy get the most out of the grooming session. We offer puppy introduction sessions to get him or her used to being groomed. 

To understand more about your dog and how the stages of development can effect the experience; please see this following document about the 10 stages of development

We have various types of natural shampoos and conditioners that cater for all coat and skin types.

We have various types of natural shampoos and conditioners that cater for all coat and skin types.

Our top of the range Hydrobath enables shampoo and conditioner to penetrate right through the coat.

Our top of the range Hydrobath enables shampoo and conditioner to penetrate right through the coat.

High velocity dryers blasts water away to dry even the thickest of coats.

High velocity dryers blasts water away to dry even the thickest of coats.

Bath closed.JPG
Bath open.JPG
I have been going to E.D.G.E Grooming since they opened with my dog Dash. Trish was brilliant with him and I wouldn’t trust anybody else after the high level of service myself and Dash received. They have been consistently compassionate and diligent with him and I will go nowhere else other than E.D.G.E. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
— Claire R



Price Guide 2019

Prices may vary depending on the individuals size type of coat.

all dogs are assessed individually prior to or at the beginning of the appointment.

General Prices based on breed:

small DOG - chihuahua / pug / yorkshire terrier

medium DOG - border collie / spaniel / whippet

large DOG - german shepherd / labrador / setter

giant DOG - great dane / bernese mountain dog / samoyed



includes a wash and blast dry

ideal for a frequent roller!

Prices from:

Small - £10.00

Medium - £15.00

Large - £20.00

giant - price determined at consultation



includes: health check, wash, dry and brush with finish, eye and ear cleanse.

Prices from:

small - £15.00

medium - £20.00

large- £25.00

giant - price determined at consultation



includes: health check, wash, dry and brush with finish, full coat trim to specified requirements, hygiene area trimming, paw pad and nail clipping, eye and ear cleanse.


Prices from:

Bichon Frise - £35.00

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - £30.00

Chihuahua (short haired)- £20.00

chihuahua (long haired) - £30.00

Chinese crested (hairless) - £15.00 - £20.00

chinese crested (powder puff) - £30.00

maltese - £30.00

papillon - £30.00

pomeranian - £30.00

pug - £25.00

yorkshire terrier - £30.00


Prices from:

australian shepherd - £40.00

bearded collie - £50.00

border collie - £30.00

collie (rough) - £45.00

collie (smooth) - £30.00

german shepherd dog (long haired) - £50.00

german shepherd dog (short haired) - £40.00

norwegian buhund - £30.00

old english sheepdog - £60.00

samoyed - £50.00

shetland sheepdog - £35.00

Welsh corgi - £30.00


Prices from:

Alaskan Malamute - £60.00

bernese mountain dog - £50.00

boxer - £30.00

dogue de bordeaux - £40.00

german pinscher - £30.00

giant schnauzer - £55.00

great dane - £40.00

Newfoundland - £70.00

portuguese water dog - £50.00

siberian husky - £45.00


Prices from:

akita - £50.00

dalmation - £30.00

enlgish bulldog - £30.00

french bulldog - £25.00

german spitz - £30.00

japanese spitz - £35.00

llasa apso - £35.00

poodle (miniature) - £40.00

poodle (standard) - £55.00

poodle (toy) - £35.00

schnauzer (miniature) - £35.00

schnauzer (Standard) - £45.00

shih tzu - £30.00

tibetan spaniel - £30.00


Prices from:

airedale - £45.00

bedlington - £35.00

border (clipped) - £30.00

border (handstrip) - £45.00

cairn - £30.00

fox (smooth) - £30.00

fox (wire) - £40.00

jack russell (smooth) - £20.00

jack russell (wire) - £30.00

lakeland - £35.00

norfolk - £35.00

norwich - £35.00

scottish - £35.00

soft-coated wheaten - £40.00

staffordshire bull - £25.00

west highland white - £35.00


Prices from:

beagle - £25.00

dachshund (miniature smooth hair) - £20.00

dachshund (miniature long hair) - £30.00

dachshund (standard smooth hair) - £25.00

dachshund (standard long hair) - £35.00

finnish spitz - £30.00

foxhound - £30.00

greyhound - £30.00

lurcher - £30.00

rhodesian ridgeback - £40.00

saluki - £40.00

whippet - £30.00


Prices from:

german pointer (long haired) - £40.00

german pointer (short haired) - £30.00

german pointer (wire haired - hand stripped) - £60.00

hungarian vizsla - £25.00

hungarian vizsla (wire haired - stripped) - £50.00

pointer - £40.00

retriever (golden) - £35.00

retriever (labrador) - £30.00

setter (english) - £40.00

setter (gordon) - £40.00

setter (irish) - £40.00

spaniel (clumber) - £40.00

spaniel (cocker) - £35.00

spaniel (springer) - £35.00

weimaraner - £30.00

popular crossbreeds

Prices from:

alaskan husky - £50.00

cavachon - £30.00

cavapoo - £30.00

cockerpoo (small) - £30.00

cockerpoo (large) - £40.00

goldendoodle - £45.00

Labradoodle - £45.00

maltipoo - £30.00

Pug Tzu - £30.00

sprocker - £35.00

sproodle - £35.00

westipoo - £30.00


for the feet. . . 

Nail Clipping only - from £5.00

nail clipping with paw pad trim - from £10.00



for £20, we offer an introduction for puppies.

thIS gives them a chance to experience and familiarise themselves with all stages of the grooming process in a comfortable atmosphere.


If we cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 due to his/her general or aggressive behaviour we will call you to let you know. If we have bathed and dried your dog THE BASIC GROOM CHARGE WILL APPLY.

Please note: Edge do not clip off severely neglected and matted coats. Please see your veterinary nurse/practice to have the coat removed before visiting Edge, after which we can offer advice and work with you to ensure the coat and skin are kept in excellent condition.

If your dog is found to have fleas a £10.00 containment and treatment charge will be added to the final fee.



Satisfied Customers





For general enquiries please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Alternatively please call us on: 07775 672648 TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT OR TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS.


We are located in Ranskill near Retford just off the A1.

15 Birch Close, Ranskill, Nottinghamshire, DN22 8LA

P.S Please check the town when solely using the postcode as it has been known to send people to a different location.